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Crime In Hyderabad (5.11.2016)

Home guard caught red-handed while gambling

(Siasat News): S R Nagar police has arrested a home guard red-handed when he was found gambling at the place where he reportedly himself running the den.

Even police officers were shocked to see ‘other side’ of the home guard. However, the accused has denied the charges saying that it was his hobby to play various games of playing cards and he had no connection with the gambling den.

S R Nagar police inspector Mr. Waheeduddin said that there was gambling activities reported from a residential area in B K Guda. On a tip-off when the police came into action it was a matter of surprise as the home guard has been working at S R Nagar police station who was later arrested.

Apart from the home guard who was identified as Suryakant, 26, police also arrested six persons and seized a sum of Rs. 16,000 from their possession. Suryaknat was attached to S R Nagar police station since 2010.

There was a house owned by his colleague Sushil that was converted into a gambling den.

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