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Crime In Hyderabad (7.1.2017)

Conwoman duped another woman

(Siasat News): A conwoman in Medchal duped another woman by taking her mangalsutra and handing her the fake gold.

It is said that in Medchal vegetable market, there was a cunning woman who after diverting the attention of a woman, stole the mangalsutra of a woman who had come to shop there.

She had played a trick by throwing fake gold on the road and later presumed if she had found the gold lying on the road.

In the meantime, another woman had also spotted the gold lying on the road. The conwoman now played her trick saying that both of them would share the gold.

To pose herself as totally honest, she said that if she would give her mangalsutra to her, she would withdraw from the claim on the found gold. This is how she disappeared with her 4 tolas gold.

The second woman immediately reached a jeweller’s shop and there she got the shock of her life that the gold was fake.

She lodged a complaint with Kesra police and a ‘woman hunt’ is lauched to trace the culprit.

Action against heroin smuggling, 4 arrested

(Siasat News): The joint action of Mangalhat police and commissioner task force, west zone to curb the smuggling of heroin resulted in the arrest of four persons.

It is said that one Trinadh, 21, native of Vishakhapatnam used to sow heroin in his field and always got ‘handsome crop.’

Later, he sold the same for Rs. 5000 per 2 kg. One Sunil Singh, 22, resident of Gangabowli, Mangalhat was Trinadh’s old customer who after purchasing the consignment, used to sell them charging double rates.

Another man Vicky Singh, 25, was also involved in the sale of heroin at Dhoolpet. Following them, a third man Ganapathi also joined them.

Last week, they purchased 40 kg heroin (ganja) and sold them in the city.

Task force and Mangalhat police arrested them and seized 32 kgs ganja, Rs. 35,000 in cash and other articles from their possession.

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