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Crime In Hyderabad (7.4.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (7.4.2016)

Killer mother arrested

(Siasat News): In a bizarre incident where a mother herself is involved in killing her 23-days-old infant was arrested by Naredmet police.

It is said that the accused Poornima, 45, after slitting the neck of the infant, posed as if the entire episode was the brainchild of some chain snatchers.

In the meantime, Naredmet police grew suspicious about her statement and arrested her for interrogation where she later gave in and admitted her crime.

It was disclosed that Poornima, continuously gave birth to male child one after the other. When another male child was born for the third time, she killed him.

Poornima and Sreedhar Raju got married seven years ago and after that they had become the proud parents of three male children.

Poornima was not happy over this as she wanted a girl. Police is further investigating.

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