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Crime In Hyderabad (8.12.2016)

Two arrested for running fake marriage bureau

(Siasat News): The marketing intelligence team of central crime station has arrested two persons including a woman for deceiving people in the name of a marriage bureau.

As per the details, one Sabita Reddy, 40, resident of Sri Sai Nagar colony, Asthanapuram and L Venkat Subramanium, resident of Lok Ayukt colony, Saeedabad had formed Sankalpa Marriage Bureau and claimed that they had a number of bio-datas of the girls and boys seeking marriage alliance by advertising in Telugu dailies.

They used to charge Rs. 6000 from each aspirant as registration fee. However, they used to flee the scene when the demand of the aspirants turned into a kind of restlessness as after paying the fee, they wanted to meet the girl or boy of their choice.

It is further said that the accused had formed many online fake profiles. Police said that there are various people who had become their prey and police would contact them to get further details.

Police also seized nine mobile phones, laptop and other articles from the possession of the accused.

Aged man mowed down by tipper

(Siasat News): A municipal tipper mowed down an aged man in Afzalgunj. Police sources said that Ghouse Mohiuddin, 62, was the resident of Khaja Nagar.

Yesterday, in an attempt to cross the road near Nayapul, he was hit by speeding tipper in which he had sustained severe injuries.

He was immediately shifted to the nearby Osmania Hospital where he died last night during the treatment.

Afzalgunj police is further investigating.

Electrician electrocuted to death

(Siasat News): An electrician electrocuted to death at Banjara Hills.

Police sources said that the deceased Ramulu, 48, was the resident of Ambedkar Nagar and has been working as an electrician since a very long time.

However, the fate had something otherwise for him. Being an expert electrician himself his death was destined by electric shock.

Yesterday, he was fitting electric motor in the bowli of one Anil Kumar. During the work, he had come into contact with a live wire and had sustained severe burn injuries that proved fatal after some time.

The people of the locality and the relatives of the deceased had shown their anger on this unfortunate incident. Police is further investigating.

News Channel Editor ends life

(Siasat News): A man committed suicide in Sanathnagar who was said to be an editor of Zee TV. 32-year-old Rajesh was the resident of Sanathnagar.

Yesterday, he had posted a message to all of his friends on face book saying that he was missing all of them. After some time, he took the extreme step of ending his life.

Police is investigating this bizarre case of suicide.

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