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Crime In Hyderabad (8.3.2016)

Constable electrocuted to death in temple

(Siasat News): A constable, who was deployed on a special duty in a temple on the occasion of Shivratri at Kishan Bagh, electrocuted to death.

The deceased constable Srinivas Naik, 25, was associated with Bahadupura police station. He was assigned the duty of maintaining the queue of the visitors to the temple.

On the fateful day, the deceased realized that the number of devotees is increasing so he started warning them about an open electric wire in the concourse of the temple.

Instructing the devotees, he accidentally fell on the live wires himself and was not only electrocuted but also fell in a water sump.

His other colleagues immediately switched off the main fuse and Srinivas was taken to Osmania Hospital where he succumbed to his burn injuries.

Killer tenant arrested

(Siasat News): Police Pahadi Shareef has arrested the tenant Ahmed Bin Sadiq for killing his landlord and produced him before the media.

In the meantime, inspector Pahadi Shareef Mr. Chalapati said that the tenant had attacked his landlord Mohd. Ghouse Khan in which he was severely injured.

Ghouse Khan later died in a hospital. The irony of it is that the tenant had shifted in the house of the deceased just a week ago situated at Habeeb Colony, Shaheen Nagar.

However, within a week the landlord realized that the tenant, an auto driver, had the bad habit of boozing and the fight between husband and wife is the order of the day.

The landlord has asked the tenant to vacate the house. The auto driver started arguing with the wife of the landlord and when he came in between to keep him away from his wife, the auto driver had attacked the landlord.

Police has arrested auto driver Sadiq and handed him over to the judicial custody.

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