Crime Crime in Hyderabad

Crime In Hyderabad (9.3.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (9.3.2016)

Youth’s dead body found

(Siasat News): Naredmet police has found a dead body in an apartment that was identified as that of 26-year-old Pawan Kumar.

Police said that on a tip-off, the door of the house was broke open to gain entry where the dead body was found hanging from the roof.

When the neighbours and the watchman of the apartment were interrogated, they said that he was last seen on March 5. He was all alone in the house.

His father Rambabu had gone out of the city for some business purpose whereas his mother was in Vijayawada.

Police has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Minor student drowns in swimming pool

(Siasat News): A minor student drowned in a swimming pool in Pahadi Shareef. It is said that 15-year-old Shoaib, resident of Shaheen Nagar, along with his friends had gone for swimming.

Police said that after diving in the pool, he never emerged but drowned in suspicious circumstances. Police has instructed the managements of various swimming pools that as the summer is gaining momentum, the place would be crowded.

It is high time that trainers would be provided to all the swimming pools to avoid any further mishap.

A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Woman ends life in L B Nagar

(Siasat News): a woman committed suicide in L B Nagar. It is said that the deceased Nirupama, 35, was the wife of one Ganjanand Rao of Ayodhya Nagar.

She was a PhD student and reportedly under mental pressure. Last night she took the extreme step of ending her life.

Police L B Nagar is yet to ascertain the motive behind her suicide. Further investigations are underway.

Ration blacmarketeers jailed

(Siasat News): Hyderabad police has charged five traders under the P D Act as they were involved in selling the rations goods in black market. They are all sent to jail.

It is said that B Srinivas, 42, resident of Hanuman Sai Nagar and owner of a kirana shop, P Karunakar, 34, native of Nalgonda, Mohd. Jameel, resident of Mangal Haat, syed Murad, 34, resident of Zeba Bagh, Asifnagar, Mohd. Nayeem, 41, resident of R K Pet, Mangal Haat and Mohd. Habeeb, 55, were sent to jail.

They were involved in black marketing of ration goods despite several warnings from the police.

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