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Dalit group detained at Jhansi before approaching UP CM

Dalit group detained at Jhansi before approaching UP CM
PC: Indian Express

Ahmedabad: Following reports in which 100 Dalit families from Kushinagar district UP reported were given soaps and sachet’s to “clean themselves” before they meet CM in May, members of Ahmedabad-based Dr Ambedkar Vechan Pratibandh Samiti planned to protest by offering to present 125 kg soap to UP CM Yogi.

The group of 41 members was reportedly detained at Jhansi station Sunday evening who were traveling by Sabarmati Express. The UP Police said they were detained in order to avoid any protest by the group when they reach Lucknow.

According to the Samiti group, a total 45 Dalits including 8 women boarded the train from Ahmedabad on Saturday night, of which 41 have been detained by the UP Police.

Martin Macwan, a Samiti member said “As the train approached Jhansi, they were asked to move to one compartment. They were then forced to disembark at Jhansi station. Initially, they staged a dharna there. They were then asked to shift to a government resthouse. The authorities claimed it was not safe for them to hold a dharna at the station as they might be attacked.”

Martin, who is currently at Ahmedabad also told that the police personnel said that they were acting on “orders from their seniors” to the group.

Avinash Chandra, ADGP (Kanpur Zone) said the group has been detained based on the information received from Lucknow and said “They would be sent back Monday”.

The detained group now demands a written assurance from Jhansi Police that the soap will be delivered to CM, the Indian Express reported.