Friday , August 18 2017
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Dalit hacking: Kowsalya meets SC commission team, seeks arrest of her mother and uncle

Tirupur: A two-member team from National Commission for Scheduled Castes on Wednesday met the parents and wife of the Dalit man who was killed by a gang in Tirupur district and said they would submit their report in two days.

Research Officer and Head of Office Chandraprabha and investigator Lister from Chennai went to Shankar’s house in Kumaralingam near Udumalpet and met his father to gather details about the incident.

They then met Kowsalya, who is undergoing treatment at the government hospital here under police protection, along with senior medical officers.

According to The Times of India, Kowsalya has asked the National Commission for Scheduled Caste on Wednesday to carry out the arrest of her mother and maternal uncle for their involvement in this case. “Kowsalaya has narrated the whole incident to us. We will send this information to our headquarters in Delhi,” said Chandraprabha.

She also added that Kowsalya wants to pursue higher education.

Chandraprabha told reporters that they would submit their report to the Commission in Delhi in two days.

She said the father narrated the events that had occurred in the last one year after his son fell in love and married Kowsalya some eight months ago.

He sought protection to his family as he feared they could be attacked anytime, Chandraprabha said.

“Though there was no proper commitment from the boy’s family to take her back, it can be concluded that the parents were not against Kowsalya coming and staying in Kumaralingam,” she said.

Kowsalya said she wanted to study and try for a job and requested that somebody from her husband’s family come and stay with her in hospital in her moment of agony, Chandraprabha said.

The team also visited the spot of the killing and spoke to some officials in Tirupur and Coimbatore.

Shankar and Kowsalya were attacked by a gang with sickles in full public view on Sunday in nearby Tirupur district, resulting in the death of the husband.

Kowsalya’s father, Chinnasamy has already surrendered before the police.