Friday , July 28 2017
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Dalit scholars of HCU write to PM Modi

Hyderabad: Dalit scholars of University of Hyderabad who are associated with Ambedkar Students’ Association ridiculed the statement made by Mr. Narendra Modi in which he had told “Shoot me and not my Dalit brothers”. It is very ridiculous that Modi uttered these words few Km away where a talented Dalit scholar, Rohit Vemula was forced to end his life under pressure from cow vigilantes and fake “Gow Rakshaks”. One week after the suicide of Rohit Vemula, Mr. Modi had to deliver speech on 22nd January 2016 in Bhim Rao Ambedkar University in Lucknow.

At the end of the letter, It was stated that Modi applauded Dr. Ambedkar on his 125th birthday but when Dalit research scholars made a reference to Dr. Ambedkar’s writings, they were declared as anti-national. A minister of his cabinet, Mr. Bandaru Dattatarya declared these dalit students anti-nationals but no action was taken against him.

–Siasat News