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‘My daughter’s body was lying for 2 hrs, No One Tried To Save her’: Chennai techie’s father

‘My daughter’s body was lying for 2 hrs, No One Tried To Save her’: Chennai techie’s father

Chennai: A 24- year-old Infosys employee S Swathi was hacked to death on a busy railway station while she was waiting for her train to work. Her body was lying in a pool of blood for two hours. The witnessed of the incident did not react and tried to flee away from the scene.

Swathi’s family expressed confidence that the culprit will be brought to justice soon. Her father Santhanagopalakrishnan, said. “We have much confidence in Chennai Police. I think they will find the culprit and produce him before a court of law.”

He said, Swathi was a “very tender-hearted girl” and wanted to donate her organs. “If we had her organs, we would have given it to people in need. And looking at them, I could have told myself she is still alive, with us…’

By the time the police retrieved the body, it had been hours.

“If anybody had reacted, or countered (the attack), it could have been averted. I don’t know…due to aversion or some kind of selfishness…they didn’t. We should not be like that,” Mr Krishnan said.

Congress National Spokesperson Khushbu Sundar called on the family of the victim and consoled them. She said the reporters that the issue should not be politicised “although there are some lapses on part of the government” like absence of CCTV camera in the station, and regretted that no passengers had come forward to help the victim.

She said even if one of the passenger had taken a picture or video of the alleged attacker on mobile phone, it would have helped in identify the man. She said, people should come forward in such incidents to help the victim or overpower the attacker.

Meanwhile the Madras High Court ordered the Chennai police to find the killer within two days, warning of action for “slackness”.

The court also, asked the police. “Where were your police officers? Swathi’s body was lying like an exhibition for two hours. Even the dead have got right to dignity under the Constitution.”