Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Dear Modi ji, Who’ll Give Rs 2000 Change to a Poor Person Like Me?

Dear Modiji,

Your decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to tackle black money is a good one, but it did not bring back a large volume of black money. Rather, due to this exercise, poor people like me have had to suffer losses.


The black money that you aim to fight is not with us, but with the maaliks of the companies we work in. To circumvent this, these men paid us advance salaries for many months in one go.

We had to stand in line for 3-4 days, after forgoing dhyadi for one week. The choolhas in our houses didn’t burn that night.

Everywhere you see, it’s stories of only disenfranchised people like us who have had to suffer due to demonetisation. The rich are sitting cosy in their houses.

Even now, post salary day, we poor people have been facing the following problems:

1. Standing in huge queues

2. Not getting a change for Rs 2000.

3. Poor circulation of the Rs 500 note, which is what we use for our daily transactions.

4. Forgoing our dhyadi to stand in bank queues

5. Not being able to buy vital daily essential items because of the inavailability of cash.

I know you are trying to do good, but please spare a thought for people like us. I hope you will pay heed to my words here.

Yours truly,
Ashish Kumar


Courtesy: The Quint