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Defectors will have to quit: YSRCP

Defectors will have to quit: YSRCP

Anti-defection law will take its course in due time despite the cover-up bid by TDP and the process could delayed but cannot be denied altogether, YSR Congress leader Botsa Satyanarayana has said.


‘Democratic norms demand that action should be taken against defectors sooner or later and the law will take its own course, it can be delayed but cannot be denied,’ he told reporters media here on Sunday.


The Party leader himself welcoming defectors and Speaker being non-committal is not a good trend. Legislators winning from one party switching over to other parties are not a new phenomenon but there is a method and established practices to shift sides.


When majority of the members of a political party wanted to join a national party, legal luminaries had spelt out the law very clearly and stated that even if one member stays back it cannot be done. They can join en-block only through the process of merger as happened in case of PRP.


‘But now people switching over of various grounds can go on their own but had to quit and seek a fresh mandate. The ruling party encouraging the defections and indecision on part of the Chair is not in good taste,’ he said.


This exercise is only a show being put up by the ruling party as it has lost faith and face in the public and has been engineering defections in a bid of self-promotion. He also criticized involving official machinery in the household celebrations of the Chief Minister and said it would lead to a bad precedence.


The Chief Minister has visited Vizag on numerous occasions and did not convene a single meeting to review the schemes and welfare activities. Drinking water scarcity is acute and he should hold a review meeting immediately.


Only to cover-up such failures, TDP has been engineering defections without taking into considerations the provisions of the constitution, he said. The State has been unable to get the assurances given by the Centre on Special Status, Polavaram and Railway zone. (INN)