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Delay in Tabling Demands Notes—Ruckus In TS Assembly

Delay in Tabling Demands Notes—Ruckus In TS Assembly

MIM Floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi has expressed strong  objection  at the Speaker taking up discussion on demands, without tabling the relevant policy statements on demands and  the ‘outcome budget’  documents.


After the Congress party members walked- out on Sunday protesting against the government  not continuing the discussion on drought conditions  in the state, the Speaker has taken up discussion on demands for grants and asked the TRS member Guvvala Balaraju to initiate the  discussion.


Sharply reacting on it, Akbaruddin Owaisi said that the government has to give one day time to the members to read the documents after tabling them. The government  has tabled only Housing and Minority Welfare demands and the  outcome budget, he said. The Speaker then  said that the books were given yesterday. Akbaruddin replied  that the government has given the books  Saturday night at 11pm.


BJP Floor leader Dr K Laxman too said  the same and added that the government has to initiate the  discussion on Monday,  after giving  time to the opposition parties. TDP member A Revanth Reddy said that the opposition parties would prepare on the subject if  the books were given  before one day. He requested the government to continue the discussion on drought today as already the discussion held for some time. CPM member Sunnam Rajaiah also  supported  Revanth.


At this juncture, the  Speaker tried to take up the discussion on demands once again. Expressing objection on it, Akbaruddin said that it was not proper on the part of the  Speaker to take up demands,  and wanted  action be taken against  the persons responsible for  delay in providing books to the members. “Sir, we are not genius as TRS members and we need one day time”, he said.

CPI and YSRCP Ravindra Kumar and Payam Venkateshwarlu respectively wanted the Speaker to continue the discussion on drought.

The Speaker once again  tried to take up  discussion on demands and asked TRS member  Balaraju to start the discussion.

Reacting seriously, Akbaruddin said that it was sad and asked  how  the Speaker can  allow the discussion today. .

Panchayatraj Minister KT Rama Rao said that Akbaruddin was  contradicting  his own statement. “First Akbaruddin said that  there was no problem if the ruling party takes up discussion on demands,  but the same member  was contradicting his own statement”, he said.

Then Akbaruddin said that  only  demands and outcome on Minority Welfare and Housing were tabled. The member has to speak on them only,  if not the MIM will stage a  walk out. “I don’t want to be part of the House if it takes  up discussion on other demands”, he said.

Admitting the mistake, KTR said that the mistake will not be repeated in future. The government will provide demand notes in time.

Laxman said that the issue  relates  to the prestige of the  Speaker,  and  not that of the  ruling and opposition parties. “We too  will stage walk out if the Speaker takes up discussion on demands”, he said. At this juncture, the Speaker adjourned the House for tea break.

After the House  resumed, the Speaker asked  Balaraju to initiate discussion on Minority Welfare and

Women and Child Welfare. The Speaker adjourned the House after Balaraju’s speech. (NSS)