Delhi’s sex workers demand better health amenities

Delhi’s sex workers demand better health amenities

New Delhi: Over 100 sex workers from All India Network of Sex Workers (AINSW) and city’s GB Road today demanded better health amenities, social security and legal rights on the occasion of International Sex Workers Rights’ Day.

“It’s high time to understand and respect the sex worker. Every sex worker needs to lead a dignified and healthy life. We hope the government and civil society organizations consider our demands and think sensitively about us.

“In the recent past, the NCW Chairperson also expressed her intention to provide rights and dignity to sex workers and ensure their social inclusion. This would protect sex workers from widespread violence and social discrimination. The sex workers’ community has succeeded in getting the of support the Chief Justice of India in the past,” said Kusum, AINSW President.

“Social activists and Sex Worker Collectives are deeply concerned about the social status of sex workers and their family members. We want the government to look into our concerns and address our demands,” AINSW General Secretary Gita Datta said.

The members demanded development programmes related to sex workers and their family members.

They also urged that the state should adopt a policy to incorporate sex workers’ representation in all policy making bodies for programme development and implementation.

States like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have issued unorganized Labour Welfare Card (LWC) for 17 categories of informal labours. The same approach could be adopted to help sex workers, they said.

They said sex-workers should also be included in pension schemes provided by state or central government.

They also demanded changes in some sections of Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA) which are directly affecting the lives and dignity of sex workers.