Friday , August 18 2017
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Deliberate attempt to change Osman Sagar’s name as Oaman Sagar

Hyderabad: Attempts to change names of historical places aiming at rewriting India’s history and extending the Sangh’s cultural influence is nothing new. Now it’s Osman Sagar’s turn. Osman Sagar has been written as ‘Oaman Sagar on the ticket issued for entry into Dwaraka Garden run by HMWS & SB. It must be noted that Osman Sagar was named after Seventh Asif Jahi Nizam Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan. When contacted officials told that they are not aware of this mistake. This shows how far they are serious in this matter.

There are several instances where the names of localities were initially mispronounced and later became common. Ziaguda which is among the oldest localities of Hyderabad was initially pronounced as Jiyaguda and the mangled name became so common that now the locality is popular with the name Jiyaguda. Similarly Nadi Musa Ali Guda near Kishan Bagh was mangled as Nandi Muslai Guda, now the area is by known by its distorted name. Ali Abad area of old city is mangled by some miscreants as Aryabad.

HMWS&SB should immediately take notice of the mistake and rectify it, thus preserving the history of the city.

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