Demand to probe into illegal possession of Wakf properties: Hamid Mohammed Khan

Demand to probe into illegal possession of Wakf properties: Hamid Mohammed Khan

Hyderabad: Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami, Mr. Mohammed Hamid Mohammed Khan demanded to institute CBI enquiry against those who are illegally in possession of Wakf properties. He said that the cases registered during the period of Mr. Shaik Mohammed Iqbal, IPS should be taken up immediately.

Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan congratulated Mr. KCR on completion of two years of TRS Govt. in Telangana. He stressed the need for providing 12% reservation to Muslims. He also reminded Mr. KCR that he had promised that he would investigate the cases of illegal possessions on Wakf properties but even after the lapse of two years nothing has happened. Handing over the wakf properties to Wakf Board is part of TRS election promise which remains to be fulfilled. Deligating judicial powers to Wakf Board needs only the issue of a GO. Govt. should provide judicial powers to Wakf Boards. He demanded the appointment of expert staff in Wakf Board. He expressed surprise that the cases registered during the tenure of office of Mr. Shaik Mohammed Iqbal are either withdrawn or their files have been closed down. As a result of which the illegal possessors are wondering freely. This situation is getting bad name for the Govt. It is understood that the Govt. is under pressure from some people.

He suggested a separate sub-plan for Minorities. He pointed out that the budget allotted for minorities is not spent fully. If a sub-plan is allocated for Minorities, the unspent amount could be carried out to the next financial year.

He also said that Dept. of Minorities Welfare falls short of staff. The present officers are working in the Dept. on deputation basis. The Dept. of BCs Welfare has 500 employees. Govt. should appoint at least 1000 staff members in the Dept. of Minorities Welfare. He welcomed Shaadi Mubarak Scheme and demanded the Govt. to probe into irregularities committed in the implementation of this scheme. He said that Muslims should be given 12% quota in Aasra scheme.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan actively participated as member of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee and played a key role along with Prof. Kodandaram.

–Siasat News