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Demanding dowry is anti-Islamic – Dr. Rizwana

Demanding dowry is anti-Islamic – Dr. Rizwana

Hyderabad: Addressing a gathering of Muslim women at Jamiatul Mominat, Moghalpura, Principal of the institution, Dr. Rizwana Zareen told that demanding dowry by the relatives of the bridegroom is illegal from Islamic Sharia and it is the worst form of morality. Demanding dowry is like begging. The amount received a dowry has no sanctity. Demanding dowry is against the human nature. The deterioration of Indian society today is due to the irreligious tradition especially on the occasions of weddings. Demanding dowry has become a general and a national decease which is creating disparities among Muslim society. The day-to-day suicides, conflicts, deprivation of rights, divorce are all the consequences of the tradition of demanding dowry. Due to it, the easiest and the simplest institution of marriage has become a problem for Muslim society. Demanding dowry is synonymous to demanding the fire of Hell. The Prophet (PBUH) of Allah (SWT) told that anyone who ask for dowry for increasing his wealth, is demanding the fire of hell.

The meeting started with the recitation of Quran by Ms. Ayesha Sultana and Naath by Tahira Begum.

Continuing her speech, Dr. Rizwana Zareen told that by nature, Allah (SWT) has made woman pre-requisite for a man. This is the reason that payment of Meher is obligatory on the part of man at the time of Nikah and there is no obligation on the part of woman. Woman is eligible to get wealth from the husband. She is created week physically and man has been created strong. Due to this reason maintenance of woman such as bread, clothes and accommodation are the responsibility of man. The other speakers of the meeting were Saba Begum, Nikhat Khatoon, Sania Afreen, Nazneen, Shama Kauser etc.

–Siasat News