Democracy in peril under Modi: Yechury

Democracy in peril under Modi: Yechury

Describing the Narendra Modi government as ‘four-faced’, CPM general secretary Seetharam Yechury has cautioned the people of the country of emerging dangerous situation under Narendra Modi government.


Addressing the Party plenary at Sundaraiah Vignana Kendram here on Tuesday, Yechury said the first face of Modi government was increasing the economic burden and resorting to economic attacks. The second face was encouraging communalism. The attacks on Dalits increased and there was a chance of communal frenzy during the Uttar Pradesh elections. The Modi government was contemplating to bring drastic changes in the Education sector. “Serious efforts were being made as how to control the Universities and increase frictions in the Universities”, he said and reminded the placing of ‘Bharath Matha Ki Jai’ slogan in the Universities and termed it as a second face of Modi government.  Referring to political developments in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand States, Yechuri said the third face of Modi government was to dictate the States.


While there was a tradition that every bill should be passed in Rajya Sabha, the present government was saying that the Speaker would decide whether the bill was money bill or not, he said alleging that the monarchy increasing day by day in the Modi regime. “It is dangerous to democracy”, he lamented.  The Modi government was bringing several changes in foreign policies and unrest still continuing in Kashmir though the curfew was going on for the last 36 days. Several people were dying and several people were losing their eye vision in Kashmir due to exchange of fire everyday. The CPM was demanding the government to solve the Kashmir problem since its inception, he said. The Modi government convened all-party meeting on the final day of the just concluded Parliament session on the demand of CPM. The government escaped from the problem by pointing its finger at Pakistan and it was trying to sidetrack the Kashmir issue, he alleged.


Alleging that Modi went to America four times within two years time and entered into 50-page agreement, Yechury said that Modi succumbed to America and was committed to stay as a junior partner. The NDA government, which opposed FDI in the past, allowed FDIs in all sectors and succumbing to the imperialism and it was fourth face of Modi government, he alleged.


Describing the Modi’s Independence Day speech as a full of falsehood, Yechury said that Modi failed to speak clearly on any issue in his 90 minute speech. Every time Modi was giving new slogan and this time too he has given new slogan, he alleged and said that Modi was saying the same for the last two years and questioned as to where was developing the nation.             He said that rural income growth rate in 2015 was zero percent and employment growth was decreased to 60 percent in 2015. The drought conditions were increasing in the nation; he said reminding RBI governor’s warning that drastic changes would take place in economical sector. He said that the crisis in agriculture sector was increasing and the suicides of the farmers were increasing but the Centre was arguing that the suicides were not because of debts of the farmers and the reasons were different. “The farmers are not in a position to receive the benefits of the agriculture sector though the prices are increasing”, he pointed out. He warned that the life conditions of the farmers would go down further in these conditions. He said that the employment generator– manufacturing sector was gone down to minus 0.07 percent in providing jobs in 2015. (NSS)