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Demonetization crises – AP and TS playing safe to avoid public wrath

Hyderabad: Despite the lapse of 25 days of announcement of demonetization, there are no indications of lessening the difficulties of the people. The Governments of Telangana and A.P. are in a confused situation. Seeing the public wrath for not getting salaries, both the ruling parties in these states have decided not to support the center openly.

It is understood that Mr. KCR consulted his close colleagues to review the situation that the State Govt. employees did not get their salaries. His advisors are understood to have advised him that the support of State Govt. for adopting cashless economy may further infuriate the State Govt. employees and also create anger among the public. It is therefore advisable to take suitable steps carefully. His advisors also told him if the situation does not improve even after 50 days, the public wrath may go against the State Govt. since it has not only supported the center but it did not take any action to minimize the difficulties of the public. It is understood that CM has taken this counsel positively and told that it is better to concentrate on resolving the difficulties of the people instead of extending support to the Govt. on this issue. He is also of the opinion to make a representation to the Central Govt. about the difficulties of the people. CM was apprised of the fact that the State Govt. employees failed to get even Rs. 10000 as the first installment of their salary. Govt. employees are making rounds of the banks for the past three days but they are getting disappointed. State Govt. had promised that separate counters would be opened in the banks for State Govt. employees but the bank officials regretted that it is not possible to oblige the State Govt. due to the shortage of bank staff. In such a situation, Govt. of Telangana wants to avoid supporting the Central Govt. openly.

Similar situation is in A.P. Mr. Chandrababu Naidu has been made convener of the panel of CMs to propose cashless economy system. The CMs of BJP ruled states are silent on this issue whereas the CMs of A.P. and Telangana made haste in extending their supports to the decision taken by the Central Govt.

Finance Minister of A.P., Mr. Y. Rama Krishnudu is reported to have advised Mr. Chandrababu Naidu to avoid taking credit of the decision of demonetization since it would create unrest among the people.

It may mentioned that soon after the announcement of Mr. Modi to demonetize Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu had told that he had given this advice to the PM. The other ministers of A.P. Govt. also told that in case, support is extended to Central Govt., it may face public wrath. In such a case, it is better to take a careful and calculated stand on the decision of the Central Govt.

The Central Govt. has taken a decision to impose restrictions on gold which angered women. Seeing the displeasure of women both the State Govt. are in a situation. They have now decided to represent Central Govt. to make sufficient cash available in ATMs. They also want that this message should reach the public so that their image is not tarnished.

–Siasat News