DGP issues alert against Jharkhand’s Jamtara fraudsters

DGP issues alert against Jharkhand’s Jamtara fraudsters

Telangana Director General of Police Anurag Sharma on Friday cautioned the public to beware of the criminal antics of youngsters from “Jamtara” in Jharkhand state who were spreading across the country to cheat them of their valued savings.

In a statement today, the DGP appealed that people should not disclose the details of their bank accounts, pin numbers, CVV or any other details of their Debit , Credit cards and also LIC policies to unknown and unidentified callers on mobile or landlines. None of the Banks will ask such details telephonically or through Internet

He said the youth from “Jamtara” in Jharkhand state were fishing out the people across the country by collecting various individual bank accounts, Debit and Credit card numbers and ATM card numbers and deceiving the people by withdrawing the amounts in a shortest possible time before the individuals woke up to the situation. “The criminals changed their SIM cards after taking information number and also loot your accounts with details gathering and fake cards,” he said.

The DGP said these inter–state and cyber space criminals also defraud people even on Facebook or through social media. “After collecting your valuable data, the criminals misuse them and draw money from your accounts without your knowledge and also become invisible by throwing away the SIM cards and also sometimes fake addresses.

The DGP also advised the people to alert the nearest police station about such calls and also the phone numbers, so that the criminals could be monitored and trapped before they cheat other gullible and innocent individuals. (INN)