Sunday , August 20 2017
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DiCaprio gets an Oscar from Russain Fan

(Manasa ks) Let Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar or not but he has already received his precious award from his Russian fans. Russian fans from Far East have donated their achieved gold and silver medals to make a replica of the Oscar statue.

Almost 150 DiCaprio fans in Yakutia donated the 1.5 kilogram of silver and 4 grams of gold to create the statue and before he receive his first award for the nominated film ‘The Reverent’ screams the fans.

“Even if DiCaprio does not receive an Oscar, he will still be our favourite.” A fan of DiCaprio says. As DiCaprio’s grandmother was a Russian and was famous in the country, this is the fifth time he was nominated for Oscars but has huge expectations on this one. Though he have a tough competition from Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne. For the first time ‘The Revenant’ is leading in the Oscar race with 12 nominations.