Wednesday , July 26 2017
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#DigitalIndia: Maha police armed up with ‘Beef Detecting Kits’

NEW DELHI: As there are growing incidents of innocent Muslims getting lynched by the murderous mob of self-proclaimed cow- vigilantes on suspicion of carrying beef or consuming beef, a meat detection kits is developed.

The Maharashtra police will soon get the new portable cow meat detection kits that will instantly checks if the seized meat from a restaurant or a vehicle is that of a cow or not, according to a report in Hindustan Times.

Every month around 100 meat samples of (cow or bullock meat) or buffalo meat was sent to state’s forensic science laboratories for analysis but the reports take many days or several months to come.

With the cow meat detection test kit, that will be deployed in around 45 mobile forensic vehicle across Maharashtra, the results will be getting in just 30 minutes, Forensic science laboratory (FSL) director Krishna Kulkarni to HT.

A single kit worth Rs 8,000 can test at least 100 samples. It will help the police in quick registration of case if samples from seize vehicles transporting meat turn out to be positive for beef.