Tuesday , August 22 2017
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‘Disheartened’ Neiphiu Rio appeals NPF to reconsider his suspension

New Delhi : Disheartened by his suspension from the Naga People’s Front (NPF), Nagaland’s Lok Sabha MP Neiphiu Rio has called on his party to unite for peace rather than engaging in trivial issues, which divert the main cause of unification of the Naga Accord.

“We cannot compromise our future at this juncture because the peace process has reached a very important point. The framework agreement has been signed and now its ten months. It should happen within a year and now only two months are left,” he said.

Responding to the recent showcause notice issued against him by his party alleging of fomenting division and engaging in acts of indiscipline against the organization, he said, “I term the showcause notice and my suspension as not just unfortunate for me also but more so for the Nagas in general. Because the party which I built, we had persuade for reconciliation and we played all alone as a facilitator.”

“To a large extent, we were successful in bringing peace among different Naga national groups,” he added.

The former Nagaland chief minister, however, remained worried that people were not vocal enough about the issue and asked them to unite on the same.

The ruling BJP at the Centre had on August 3 last year signed a historic accord with a leading Naga group in a promise to end India’s longest running insurgency which caps almost two decades of peace talks.

Rio said despite working for the well-being of Naga people, his party has discredited him in many ways.

Asserting that the well-being of the Naga’s was his main priority, he urged his party to reconsider his suspension.

“The points that have been mentioned in the showcause notice are not specific, they are only general, presumptions and I appealed for them to reconsider their decision,” he said.

Rio, however, hinted that if reconciliation doesn’t come about then he could find a platform or create a platform in order to fight for his people. (ANI)