Thursday , August 17 2017
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Division of Muslim votes in UP – conspiracy finalized

Hyderabad: UP elections would cast greater impact on the national politics. It does not matter whether SP or BSP win elections but if BJP wins UP elections, it will have serious repercussions on national politics. UP has the considerable Muslim votes and also a large number of Dalit votes. Communal parties are hatching conspiracies to divide these votes so that BJP could win UP elections.

The recent speech of PM Modi in which he expressed his concern for Muslim women about triple talaq and foetal deaths, is an attempt to woo women. Plans are being made to divide SP and BSP threatening them of opening CBI cases. BJP expected that its so-called Muslim supporters would help divide Muslims on sectarian basis but it failed due to the enlightened Muslim scholars. BJP had adopted the strategy to divide secular votes in Bihar which it wants to replicate in UP also. Earlier, Muslim votes used to be divide in three directions. Congress, SP and BSP used to get Muslim votes. The Muslim scholars of Deoband and Nadwa have not welcomed the entry of MIM in UP. Speculations are that after the elections, SP or BSP would join hands with Congress but it does not seem to materialize. One group of SP will be floated in elections by funding them through BJP resources.

In UP elections, the role of Muslim clerics is likely to play an important role. BJP has identified some Muslim faces who would apparently launch campaigns against BJP but its advantage would go to it. In this context BJP is promoting the efforts of Rashtriya Muslim Manch and other outfits. BJP is wooing Muslim faces.

-_Siasat News