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Dog clashed with tiger to save its Master life near Dudhwa

Shahjahanpur: Dogs share our lives in a way that most other animals can’t and it is also said that dogs are the “man’s best friend.” A faithful dog named Jackie of Shahjahanpur saved the life of its sleeping master in a village near Dudhwa National Park by fighting with a tiger on Friday night.

Gurdev Singh, the farmer, was sleeping outside his house, Jackie also was sleeping next to him. On Sensing the tiger’s approach from the nearby forest of South Kheri, Jackie started barking made his master wake up to the danger.

When the master awoke and was still trying to gather his wits, the tiger attacked. Jackie clashed with Tiger. After a long running battle between Jackie and the tiger. Jackie got severely injured and the tiger dragged it away.

After searching in the surrounding area for Jackie Gurdev’s family found its body some distance away. Jackie saved his master from dangerous and vulnerable situations. The family members and villagers buried the faith full and heroic dog.

Gurdev Singh said. “Jacky’s mother was a street dog and my children, Supreet and Gulshanpreet, took it in four years ago as a pup. It was a part of our family and used to follow them to school. Gulshanpreet is inconsolable and didn’t eat for a day. Jacky returned the favour of a few chapatis a day by giving up its life. I wish humans could learn from it how to love others and show devotion.”

The forest officials were informed of the presence of a tiger nearby, forest ranger S N Yadav said. “Barbatpur is very close to South Kheri forest, which is a part of Dudhwa National Park. A large part of the forest land has been encroached upon by humans and the forest area is fragmenting by the day. The entry of a tiger in a village is not surprising. The population of big cats in this part of the forest is very high and they sometimes come out looking for food.”