Friday , August 18 2017
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Donald Trump affirms Pakistan is a ‘very, very vital problem’

Washington: During a townhall meeting in Wisconsin. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump declared that .”Pakistan is a very, very vital problem and really vital country for us because they have a thing called nuclear weapons. They have to get a hold of their situation.”

The meeting was primary scheduled to be held on 5 April. Trump said referring to the terrorist attack in Lahore on Easter which killed 74 and injured over 300 others. “When I see that and when I see it put in a park because it was mostly Christians, although many others were killed other than Christians, I think it’s just absolutely a horrible story.”

Trump said in response to a question. “I’m talking about terrorism. I will solve it far better than anybody else running.”

The brutal attack by a suicide bomber at the crowded Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park of Allama Iqbal Town in Lahore on Sunday was claimed by the Jamaatul- Ahrar a splinter group of Therik-I – Taliban Pakistan (TTP).