Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton secure crucial victories in New York

, 8:37 AM IST

Washington D.C.: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton managed to script massive victories in New York Tuesday night, trouncing their rivals and chargind much closer to their nominations.
According to CNN, the victory for Trump means that he could sweep the state’s 95 delegates and potentially position himself to win the GOP nomination without going through a contested convention in July, while Clinton’s could put a major dent in Bernie Sanders’ momentum.

Trump was in the lead at 59.7 percent while Ohio Gov. John Kasich was at 25.3 percent and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was at 15 percent.

“We’re going to end at a very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected even in their wildest imaginations. We’re going to go into the convention I think as the winner.” Trump said in a victory speech from Trump Tower.(ANI)