Double standard: Home Minister clean chit to Katheriya over hate speach

, 7:56 PM IST

Amid the circulating hate speech made by Ram Shankar Katheriya, Home Minister Rajnath Singh concluded the debate saying, India is a world’s most secular country.

He said the speech had nothing inflammatory against the Muslim community.

“Let’s not create a communal environment in the nation. My Government is committed to maintain harmony. We cannot tolerate the division of this nation on religious lines. As far as the speech made MoS Katheriya, I have heard it. I made others also hear it. We all agreed there is nothing inflammatory in the speech,” Rajnath said.

Speaking about the India’s secularism, he said, “no one can destroy the secularism and diversity of this land. Islam has 72 sects. No country has all 72 sects residing there. But we have all of them”.

“Not only Islam, we have diverse Christian sects, the Jews and the Parsi also existing here together peacefully for hundreds of years.” he said.