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Whats cooking? Doval-Modi plan to win forthcoming elections?

Whats cooking? Doval-Modi plan to win forthcoming elections?

New Delhi: The known Delhi-based newspaper, The Milli Gazette, claims that India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) and former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief Ajit Doval with the blessings of PM Narendra Modi has chalked out a plan to liquidate the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s peripheral team in India and cripple his assets abroad. The report, filed by the well-known investigative journalist Pushp Sharma, will appear in the newspaper’s 1-15 March issue.
The report says that Ajit Doval was the main brain behind the Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev protest movements which successfully discredited UPA2. As IB chief and NSA, Doval earned many feathers in his cap dealing with Pakistan, Taliban, Srilanka north-east insurgents.

Based on revelations by unnamed police and underworld sources, the report claims that the purpose of the secret plan is to secure electoral win for Modi and his party just as post-Godhra violence and fake encounters in Gujarat were used to lionise Modi and to ensure his party’s electoral triumph. The report says that post-Godhra violence and Gujarat’s fake encounters were short-cuts for vertical growth by certain politicians in India’s competitive political environment.

The report further claims that this new plan will use sharp-shooters of the Chhota Rajan underworld group and suspended cops. The former will be used mainly outside India while the latter will be utilized inside the country. The report claims that the use of “ghost-killers” (suspended cops) for dirty jobs is a common practice of the Indian security agencies as it saves them the infamy of media glare and judicial trial. The report details previous failed attempts to get Dawood dead or alive with the help of Chhota Rajan criminals who in turn enjoy the protection of Indian security agencies. The report mentions how Ajit Doval was caught with his pants down in Delhi in July 2005 while plotting Dawood’s murder with the Rajan sharp-shooters Malhotra and Tanasha.

The report says that PM Narendra Modi will use a number of emotive issues in the run-up to the forthcoming assembly elections as well as the general elections in 2019. These include raising Ram Mandir and Love Jihad issues, forceful beef ban etc., in addition to claiming success in liquidating Dawood mafia and hitting at its assets worldwide.
The report details how, in order to protect Chhota Rajan after he was brought from Indonesia in October 2015, a hurriedly-issued Maharashtra state government order notified his barrack in a Mumbai jail as that of a “high profile prisoner” and how all his cases were quickly transferred to CBI in Delhi in order to deny Mumbai police his custody and subsequent trial in Mumbai courts, despite the fact that most cases against Rajan are registered in Mumbai. Here in Delhi, Rajan is lodged in a special cell in Tihar Jail where he is living “like a VIP”, the report said, adding that “this sudden move underlined Ch hota Rajan’s continued relevance for the Indian agencies”.

The report claims, if successfully executed, “Operation Decapitation Dawood” will be a “turning point in modern India’s political history.”

Courtesy: Milli Gazette