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Drug Addict kills his parents in Taif

Drug Addict kills his parents in Taif

JEDDAH: A 29-years-old, drug addict was arrested for killing his parents using a knife in Taif, in the west of Saudi Arabia. The deceased male was 59 years old, the wife was 48 years old.

Press spokesman for Makkah Police Col. Dr. Atti bin Atiyah Al-Qurashi said the unified operations center (911), received a call saying a man and a woman had been stabbed to death.

When the cops reached the spot the duo was lying in a pool of blood as a result of stab wounds. Sources confirmed that the man severed the heads of his parents and stabbed their bodies from their heads to their toes.

When the man was arrested he didn’t seem to know about what happened, saying he woke up and found them dead.

During the investigation it turned out that the accused was earlier imprisoned in Massarah Prison for taking drugs and alcohol, and that he had been admitted to hospital for treatment for a psychological ailment.

It is also revealed that he was arrested two years ago for his rude behaviour to his father but later he was released.

One of the neighbour added on YouTube that he knows the killer personally, and “he is a drug addict and has a psychological ailment. His father prayed with us in the mosque and later on we heard about the crime.”