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Du-ba-Du (face-to-face) Matrimonial program getting universal popularity

Du-ba-Du (face-to-face) Matrimonial program getting universal popularity

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Iftekhar Shareef, Chairman, National Bankcard Corporation (Chicago) told that Du-ba-Du (face-to-face) Matrimonial program is getting universal popularity. He was addressing this program in Hyderabad as Chief Guest. He further told that he has already spoken to Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily. People in Chicago are also demanding to hold such programs. He applauded the services of Siasat Urdu Daily and MDF. He made a special mention of the wedding of Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan’s son which was celebrated last month in a very simple manner.

Mr. Abid Siddiqui, President of MDF welcomed the guest and told that the mindset of the Muslims is getting changed. Mr. Muneerudin Khalid and Mr. Mohammed Abus Samee offered special concessions to the marriage functions whose alliances have been finalized through this program.

Mr. Syed Fazil Husain Parveez, editor of “Gawah” Urdu Weekly told that Allah (SWT) blesses simple marriages. Present on this occasion were Mr. Khaja Moinuddin, Genral Secretary of MDF, Mr. Ahmed Siddiqui, Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qadeer, Dr. Ayub Haideri, Dr.Mohammed Nazim Ali, Dr. Mohammed Siyadat Ali etc. In all, 167 girls and 50 boys were registered in the 69th Du-ba-Du program. Mr. Zahed Farooqui made the arrangements for the program.

–Siasat News