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Ducati recalls Scrambler in the US market, India unaffected

Ducati recalls Scrambler in the US market, India unaffected

The Ducati Scramblers manufactured from Feb 17, 2015, to November 11, 2016, have been recalled in the US for an issue in the side stand. A total of 5,502 motorcycles have been recalled.

The side stand pivot nut gets detached resulting in the malfunction of stand position sensor and can stall the motorcycle while it’s running.

The impact of the defect can be experienced in different ways. The bike may not start with the side stand up even in neutral. Other issue that might crop up is the engine stalling due to side stand sensor switch pin getting disengaged while the bike is in motion. A safety issue that might come up is the bike running with the side stand down.

As part of the recall, Ducati will be replacing the side stand pivot bolt free of cost. The recall will begin from the end of January.

Now the Ducati Scrambler sold in India is highly unlikely to be affected by this recall as the Scrambler sold in US markets are imported from Italy. The bike sold here is imported from Thailand. Now the Scrambler is assembled in Thailand with the engines coming from Italy and the rest of the bike being sourced locally so the India-spec Scrambler having a defective side stand sensor is highly improbable.

The India-spec Scrambler not being affected by the recall was confirmed by Ducati India.