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Due to rising fees every year, parents to open their own school

Due to rising fees every year, parents to open their own school
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Bengaluru: With rising fee of school, a group of parents living in the Whitefield locality of Bengaluru decided to open a school of their own.They were unhappy with the fee structure as well as the poor quality of education.

Abhilash Matlapudi, the founder of the trust and a project manager at a Bengaluru IT firm, observed a conversation between parents on social media who were discussing the extortionate costs of private school education. Abhilash stood up to take an action. He took the idea of opening a community-run school in his neighbourhood to a Whitefield-based citizen’s movement Facebook group, and the idea took a grasp, reported

14 members had committed to the idea and contributed a cheque for Rs 10,000 each after several meetings held in due regard.

The school education system in India is costly and the costs are rising every year. A report in 2015 by The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India, ASSOCHAM, stated that the costs of private school education in the last ten years have increased at a pace faster than the incomes, showing a 150% hike between 2005 and 2015.

The report further stated that the cost of educating a child in a private school has risen from Rs 55,000 in 2005 to Rs 1,25,000 per annum in 2015. According to the survey, an estimate of 3 crore children in India, study in private schools.