Dy CM directs to protect old graveyard at BS Maqta

, 2:15 PM IST

Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. Mahmood Ali has directed Minority Welfare Department to take measures for protection of old graveyard at B S Maqta and cordon off the graveyard land.

Mr. Mahmood Ali had visited the old graveyard as a MLC and then also had drawn Waqf Board’s attention towards the matter. But no action has been taken so far.

Local Muslims of BS Maqta and Somajiguda once again made representation with deputy chief minister on which he directed Mr. Omer Jaleel to take immediate steps on the matter and cordon off the Waqf land to ensure its protection. Local leaders Mr. Yousuf Khan and Mr. Sheru thanked Deputy Chief Minister for this.

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