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Eidi Bazar Graveyard falls prey to encroachers

Eidi Bazar Graveyard falls prey to encroachers

Hyderabad: The city has been recently witnessing encroachments throughout the city limits with a recent complaint lodged for encroaching community graveyard in Eidi Bazaar.

Talla Babu (65) a resident of Kanchanbagh has lodged a complaint with Madanapet Police saying that the community graveyard is being encroached and that few graves have already been demolished.

The community graveyard falls under Madanapet police station limits.

The Police soon arrived the area to find a group of unknown people supervising the illegal operation with a machine.

According to the complaint lodged by Talla, Saleem, Bal Venkateshsagar, Raghu Sagar and Vishnu Sagar were involved in the illegal operation, while he also stated these people with their illegal activity have hurt sentiments of people as their ancestors are buried in that graveyard.

Madannapet SI V. Prasad said, “We have registered a case and have also written a letter to the concerned revenue authorities to find out the current status of the land. Based on the report and other evidences, we will proceed”, DC reported.