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UP Election: Hate speeches, song CDs used to unite Hindu votes?

UP Election: Hate speeches, song CDs used to unite Hindu votes?

LUCKNOW: It is said that the people change their minds if they threatened by the consequences and the similar kind of tricks witnessed in the Uttar Pradesh elections.

Several video and audio clips allegedly circulated across the state that helps to exploit the mindsets of Hindu voters and resulted in big win for BJP.

BJP able to grab the magic numbers of 324 seats out of 403 largely because of splitted Muslim votes between SP, BSP and AIMIM.

The strength of Muslim MLAs dropped from 69 to only 25. Even the Muslim dominated areas witnessed defeat because of division of votes.

However, AIMIM claims that they have never helped BJP as they fought on 38 seats, but the aspects involved in the campaign are sufficient enough to turn down their claims.

1. AIMIM election campaign song:  The song produced by the party has the potential to provoke religious hatred among both the communities is being allegedly copied in the CDs and distributed among voters.

2. Hate speeches: The video clipping of alleged hate speeches by Akbar Owaisi at Nirmal circulated on social applications turn out to be hugely beneficial for BJP. Known for tongue-in-cheek comments at every `jalsa’, Owaisi brother’s vitriolic and divisive approach had allegedly jeopardise the ordinary Muslim.

Apart from this, the alleged hate speeches by SP leader Azam Khan and BSP leader Yakub were also circulated.

3. Sher aaya Sher aaya: “Dekho dekho kaun aaya….sher aaya sher aaya,” and many such exclamations only strengthen the Hindu vote bank and help Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the resounding victory in the UP electoral battle.

If sources to be believed, the above said video footages were circulated among 2 crores Hindus with a message to consolidate the votes.