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‘Elephant’ has not moved an inch in last nine years: Akhilesh taunts Mayawati

‘Elephant’ has not moved an inch in last nine years: Akhilesh taunts Mayawati

Eyeing upon conquering the throne of yet again, Chief Minister on Tuesday trained his guns at the (BSP), saying the ‘elephant’ has not moved an inch while the ‘cycle’ has continued to peddle on the development path.

Asserting that this has undertaken several developmental works for the progress of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh categorically stated that the has not taken any step forward in the last nine year

“The opposition has nothing to blame us. The elephant (BSP’s symbol) could have taken small steps in the last nine years. However, the elephant did not move a single inch. What can you expect from them?” Yadav said.

“Before going to the public we want to inaugurate as much as projects as possible. are being distributed on a large scale. Ever since we came to power, we have increased hospital beds. we established OPD hospitals,” he added.

chief earlier in the day attacked Akhilesh accusing him of distributing meant for students to the workers.

“The head of SP knows that he is not returning to power. Which is why he is distributing whatever remaining mostly to SP workers,” said.

The former chief minister also accused Akhilesh of distributing awards to people of various caste and religion with an eye on the assembly elections.

“The same people will still vote for the party, which can ensure good governance and robust law and order situation,” she said.

further criticized Akhilesh for cheating people and compromising with their welfare by inaugurating incomplete projects.

“The people do not like such pomp and show,” she said.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh also used the occasion to corner the BJP-led Centre over the demonetisation drive, saying the ban on high-value currency has hampered the livelihood of businessmen and traders.

“We are against corruption and black money, but by taking a couple of steps how can one stop black money. You are talking about Digital India, you want to bring cashless economy but where are the facilities for that. What about computer literacy and internet penetration? Who would compensate for the losses in business due to demonetisation?” asked Yadav.

The Chief Minister’s outburst against the Centre came a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that people in were fed up of hooliganism.

Addressing a rally in Kanpur yesterday, Prime Minister Modi alleged that people sitting in the are giving shelter to those goons.

“Where will the common man go? Their houses and land are being grabbed. Till the time, the changes in Lucknow, these goons won’t stop,” he said in a direct attack on the ruling in Uttar Pradesh.