Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Enamelling: Know more about the majestic art

London : One of the ancient arts besides glass and pottery is enameling, but it is very less known. To make the art form that has a unique feature of being a covenant between the artist and craftsman popular among the folks, the Enameling Society is organising an exhibition ‘Enamel Revisited VIII- Art of unity and diversity.’

The society is a group of enamellists from diverse backgrounds, who have a common passion for this technique and have creatively used this in various forms as public art.

In India, Enamelling or Meenakari has been seen traditionally as a jeweller’s craft, enhancing the effect of the gems in their setting and embellishing the reverse of the piece. Beautiful Meenakari sword hilts, boxes, turban ornaments, sarpech, and a whole range of jewellery was made in North India on gold and silver, and although now almost absent from Kashmir and the Himachal region, is still a flourishing practice in Rajasthan.

Work from 15 participants and by a visiting artist from the U.S, Sarah Perkins will be displayed during the exhibition.

A demonstration, ‘ Enameling in Action’ will also be held outside the gallery along wiht a slide show and talks on the art form.

The exhibition will take place from March 16-22 at Visual Art Gallery. (ANI)