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Entry in Quli Qutub Shah Stadium banned, leaders silent

Entry in Quli Qutub Shah Stadium banned, leaders silent

Hyderabad: Govt. and peoples’ representative claim that many steps are being taken for the development of Old City but how far these claims are true is a big question mark.

There is hardly any place for the citizens to play but the Govt. has an eye on the public playgrounds. GHMC issued a notice that Quli Qutub Shah Stadium is closed for 9 months for any activity since it has been allotted to Police Dept. for training activities.

No one can enter this ground during this period and no sport activities will be allowed. This act of GHMC is being criticized by various persons.

Police Dept. already has Goshamahal Police Stadium and Amberpet Police Stadium but they selected Quli Qutub Shah Stadium. It seems that Dept. of Police and GHMC are hostile to sport activities.

It is very surprising that no voice came as a protest from public representative for the closure of Quli Qutub Shah Stadium for the public.

–Siasat News