Every mischief against Islam will subside before the strength of faith of the Muslims

, 8:17 AM IST

Hyderabad: A few perverted Muslim youths created confusion in the minds of worshippers in Azizia Mosque of Humayun Nagar a week back. They were handed over to the police.

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A protest meeting was held at Masjid Azizia yesterday to warn the Muslims against such mischief. Maulana Arshad Ali Qasmi, Secretary, Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Nubuwat Told that the mischief of Shakeel bin Haneef is more dangerous than the Qadiyani Movement. He warned the Muslims to be conscious about it. The other speakers highlighted various anti-Islamic movements which subsided during the course of time.



–Siasat News