An excited fan of Priyanka spends a Large as amount to have a snap with her at Oscars

, 3:12 PM IST

Fans play an important role in an Actors life. They will become an integral part of the film with candid visuals and raw moments.

Similarly, a fan of Priyanka Chopra will be flying down to attend the Oscars. He has spent an enormous amount to attend the red carpet ceremony only to meet Priyanka and get a picture with her.

Priyanka’s spokesperson said.”He has been diligently writing to her, in the hope that this dream will come true.”

An insider says, “A 36-year-old man claims to be Priyanka’s biggest fan. It’s not tough to believe, because the NRI. who is based in the US, has been expressing his love for
Priyanka since she made her Bollywood debut.”

The sources said.“Although he stays in the US, he flies down to India for as many public events as possible just to catch a glimpse of her.” By adding it said. “Priyanka is one of the presenters at the upcoming Academy Awards, and he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing her. So, he will be flying down to attend the Oscars.”