Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Fake professional certificates agencies in the midst of Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Getting a fake educational degree seems no big deal in Hyderabad with agents in the city to offer you the ‘highest quality material’ from Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata.

“Just give your correct identity details and pay the money. You can choose the university, course, and the mark/grade you want,” the agent told the undercover reporter.

“For diploma certificates, we charge Rs 25,000 and for B Tech you need to pay Rs 35,000 or more depending upon the quality of the product,” said the agent.

He also offered the reporter saying “check with our previous customers, who have successfully got placed using our certificates. Nobody can differentiate between the original and the one we make,” bragged the agent.

Once the deal is a done deal, the customer has to pay more than half of the amount in advance “You have to pay Rs 28,000 initially to place the order. The rest you can pay when you get the certificate in hand.”

The Agent also discussed his clients and the services he has been giving them for the past two years.

He says most of his clients are those who are moving to Gulf countries for Jobs. “Several people with fake certificates are successfully working in private firms in Gulf countries. In places like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman etc, they get into entry level jobs in a specific sector, build some experience and then switch companies with a fake certificate. They manage to convince the employer that they have done the course in distance education,” he said.

He further states his customers have also fooled their bosses in India with the acquired fake certificates “We guarantee you that our certificates can never be detected as fake,” as reported in DC.