Falaknuma murder case: Efforts to bring back the accused from Qatar

, 8:27 AM IST

Hyderabad: City police of Hyderabad South Zone has become active to back Sayeed bin Sabit, employed as soldier in Qatar, who had fled after murdering Syed Imran in Hashimabat a few days back.

Sayeed bin Sabit murdered Syed Imran and buried his dead body in a house in Hashimabad on 4th February after that he had secretly fled to Qatar.

Imran’s mother Syed Afshan had registered a complaint with the police about her son’s missing. During police investigation, police found that Imran has been murdered. It was also known that Imran had illegal sexual contacts with Fatima and her sister-in-law. Fatima’s husband Sayeed bin Sabit came to know her illegal sexual contacts with Imran. He took that help of his wife and brother Saif to kill Imran.

Police has initiated action to bring him back and contracted Ministry of External Affairs for issuing notice through Interpol.

Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin Ahmed, ACP of Falaknuma told that police has intensified its efforts to bring back Sayeed from Qatar and also to arrest his wife Fatima.

–Siasat News