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Fans didn’t take `Captain America` twist well

London : It is indeed natural that the fans of Marvel Comics will be up in arms as the trusted flag-waving superhero Captain America is now twisted to a Nazi-supporting villain.

The readers took to their social media handle to voice their protest against this twist, which they believe is going against everything the character, created 75 years ago by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, stands for, reports the Independent.

“#SayNoToHydraCap That is the most single dumbest thing. Cap a Nazi? What’s the next stupid thing you’re going to come up with?” wrote one.

“Everything about that Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 twist reminds me why I know longer read Marvel Comics. Shock tactic nonsense,” read another tweet.

“Like ok steve rogers aka captain america aka the guy who’s been fighting nazis for 70+ years is suddenly a nazi excuse me,” wrote the third reader.

“Im a honestly so mad that in Captain America: Steve Rogers issue 1 they say he’s been a member of Hydra all along,” read another reader’s tweet.

In the comic book titled ‘Captain America: Steve Rogers #1,’ the story is taken back to the Forties, where a pre-bulked Rogers is shown for the bad guy he apparently always has been.

He will be seen saying “Hell Hydra” on the final page, leading readers to believe he’s been working for the villainous organisation the entire time.

In reaction to the backlash, writer Nick Spencer told that the reveal will “…have a profound effect on the Marvel universe.” (ANI)