Fatwa in Pakistan calls for social and economic boycott of Ahmediyas

, 10:21 AM IST

Islamabad: A fatwa has been issued by the radical Muslim clergy exhorting the locals to boycott Ahmediyas and not maintain any links or contacts with them.

The fatwa mentions Ahmediyas as infidels ‘Kafirs’ with whom the Muslims should not have any contact.

The locals have also been urged not to purchase numerous consumer goods manufactured by Ahmediya owned factories and industrial units. These goods among others, includes Shezan Salt, Zaika Ghee, Pearl Banaspati, Beta Pipes, Table Salt, Shah Taj Sugar, Zaika Cooking Oil, Shezan Restaurant and Bakers, all branches of Qaid-e-Azam Law College, Ear Hospital Daska, Hakin Nizam Jan Dawakhana (Gujrawalan), Shah-Nawaz Textile Mills, Punjab Oil Mills, Samarqand Sharbad and Universal Stabilizers.

Anti- Ahmediyas pamphlets were distributed and pasted at various common places under Chobara Police Station in Pakistan’s Layyah district about a week ago.

The government’s apathy has added to the woes of the local Ahmediyas community, which is feeling highly insecure and expecting an attack on them by the majority Sunni radicals. (ANI)