Only fear of severe punishment can prevent celebratory firing: Kiran Bedi

, 3:02 PM IST

New Delhi : Following the furore over the death of a teenager after she was shot during celebratory firing at a wedding, former IPS officer and BJP leader Kiran Bedi on Tuesday asserted that such incidents were the reflection of a lawless culture and called for stricter and harsher punishment for those who indulged in such activities.

“The celebratory firing is not a recent thing and it is part of many weddings in certain areas. This happens repeatedly as the awareness is very low. It’s a reflection of a lawless culture where youngsters and people are not afraid of the law, because the law is not punishing them,” Bedi told ANI here.

Talking about how there are no existing methods of prevention in place in the matter, she added that systems like community policing and neighbourhood watch groups were not in place, while emphasizing on the need for harsh punishment.

“In such cases, besides facing mere arrest, the person must be sent to jail and must also be told to pay adequate compensation to the victim or the victim’s kin. Punishment must go beyond arrest, investigation and challan,” she said.

Stressing that unless punishment was made a certainty, Bedi said that these kinds of lawless behaviours will continue, be it in the rich or poor communities.

Earlier today, a twelfth standard girl succumbed to her injuries after she was shot at during celebratory firing at a wedding procession in Delhi’s Mongolpuri area.

Anjali was critically injured last Saturday after she was shot at as she watched the wedding procession pass by.

After she was rushed to the hospital, it was revealed that she had been hit on the head by a stray bullet that had been fired by one of the celebrating wedding revellers.

Star Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wedding came in the news when a reveller, who was within a few feet of the horse-mounted cricketer, fired several rounds in air from his revolver.

No one was injured in the incident. (ANI)