Fed up with husband’s taunts for being ‘too beautiful’, wife burns her face

, 6:23 PM IST

Philibeet: Pretty and smart Rekha Lodhi never knew that her beauty will become the reason for her distress.

30-year-old Rakhi from Uttar Pradesh’s Philibeet burnt her face after she was repeatedly mocked by her husband for being ‘too beautiful’, reported The Times Of India.

Two years into their marriage, husband Nirmal Kumar began taunting her for being ‘too pretty’ for ‘attracting unwanted attention’ from friends, relatives and neighbours.

Upset with husband’s taunts and insecure behaviour,Rekha burnt her face.

Sustaining 20 to 25 per cent burn, Rekha while talking from her hospital bed said, “I could handle the slights till they came from my husband but it became too much when my father-in-law joined in. It became impossible for me to fight both my husband and him.”

Rekha refused to press any charges against her husband, her mother wants him to be punished for the “mental torture”

“My daughter was always jovial and benevolent towards others,” Ramkumari told TOI, “See what they have made her do to herself.”