Fed up with sexual harassment, woman chops off her brother-in-law’s genital

, 7:47 AM IST

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Police have arrested a woman on the charge of “attempt to murder” after she chopped off the genital of her brother-in-law.

In Sidhi District of Madhya Pradesh, a 32-year-old woman, mother of three children went to the police station with the severed organ of her brother-in-law to hand it over to the police as evidence.

In her statement, she said that she took this extreme steep as she was left with no option but to do what she did. As per her statement, her brother-in-law used to sexually assault her repeatedly as she was staying with her brother-in-law since her husband was working in Nashik, Maharashtra.

On the night when the incident took place, the woman faked consent when her brother-in-law attempted to rape. She then chopped off his private parts with a sickle.

Later, the man committed suicide by hanging from a tree near his house. According to police report, the woman is in sound mental health and has no regrets for what she did.