Female calls control room and says “I love you. Please talk to me” – Cops in dilemma

, 10:39 PM IST

Meerut: Constables posted to attend calls on police Control Room number 100 and 101 are harassed by abusive and prank callers.

Female callers say “I love you. Please talk to me”, whereas male callers talk vulgar things. Police claims that 90% of the calls received daily are prank calls.

Sanjeev Malik, Constable, Fire Department said that female calls them almost daily some to propose them while others to talk vulgar things.

Police also claimed that due to such calls, genuine fire emergency calls are missed out because the prank caller kept the line busy.

Another Constable, Pradeep Kumar, said that most of the calls come from female but some time males also call up and use abusive language.