Monday , August 21 2017
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Fewer pieces of evidence against Nawaz Sharif

Picture Courtesy: Al Jazeera

Islamabad: Pakistan’s supreme court has given a verdict that there is less evidence against the prime minister. The opposition wanted his removal because of his involvement in corruption.

According to the report of Al Jazeera, the court has asked for high order investigation. On the basis of details about “Panama papers” leak, moved by opposition leaders, there were several months of hearing. Now the court has given a final verdict on Thursday afternoon, concluding that the evidence is insufficient.

Both Sharif’s ruling PML-N and opposition leader Imran Khan’s party termed “verdict” as a victory, outside the court. However, Khwaja Asif, a PML-N leader told that “it was a pre-planned order of Sharif, which he himself decided.”

Khan also added, “the explanation given by the prime minister about his money, was rejected.” He also demanded Sharif, to resign and return after 60 days, when he is given a clean chit about the matter.

The investigation along with Sharif will require his children, and it will be carried by Federal Investigative Agency, intelligence agencies, the central bank and other bodies. Which is asked to submit a report every fifteen days.

The corruption allegations involve Sharif’s taking advantage of his position along with Imran Khan of the opposition party.

The documents that leaked entailed companies own by his three children in the British Virgin Islands. They also showed the companies had a loan of $13.8m, he is also listed in having high-value properties in the United Kingdom, and a separate 2007 transaction of $11.2m.